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Throughout the course of his musical career, Prassanna has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Empowering the soul through his  enthralling music scores, soul stirring song compositions, deeply immersive Dhrupad performances. Prassanna is a versatile musician, instrumentalist, lyricist.

He has been working professionally in the Indian media industry for more than a decade during which he has worked extensively for television, movies, advertisements, films and documentaries. Prassanna is a performer and practitioner of  Dhrupad the oldest living north Indian classical music tradition. Performing at a variety of venues all over the world , manifesting music for multiple creative mediums and continuing to release his independent music Prassanna is a vibrant artistic force to reckon with . His international accolades include the  score for the feature film Alpha Beta Gamma which was an entry at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 and his single Moksha which won the coveted Global Music Award  for the Best Female Singer.


Won the reputed Global Music Awards Bronze Medal


The latest upcoming international Release


The latest upcoming international Release


Won the reputed Global Music Awards Bronze Medal

Harmonious distances conversing phrases, the significant sound is neither the start nor the end. 
It is wherever the sound dissolves and the silence bends.

– Prassanna –